The Flash Season 2: Episode 6 trailer, Barry meets his match?


After the dramatic return of Harrison Wells last week, the stakes get higher and higher as Team Flash plans to use a certain doppelganger as bait to lure out Zoom. But Barry could get more than he bargained for. Take a look at the Episode 6 trailer below
It seemed like everything was happening at once last week, as Harrison Wells returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and Cisco’s superpowers were revealed to the team . Although Harrison seems to be here to help, with his daughter held captive by Zoom on Earth-2, something tells us that it’s only a matter of time before his own agenda comes to the fore. For now though, everything seems on the up and up. And now Cisco has formed a plan to tackle Zoom.
Following on from their confrontation with Dr. Light last week, Team Flash decided to use Dr. Light’s reputation to draw out Zoom into a trap and defeat him once and for all . Official photos have been released to tease Zoom’s appearance in Episode 6. “Enter Zoom on YouTube


Here’s a small hint of how Barry Allen plans to take down The Flash!
Joe exclaims: “Who exactly came up with this terrible idea?” The Flash tackles high stakes drama with its usual lighthearted irreverence as the trailer opens, but the sentiment rings true. Given that we’re only six episodes into the season, something tells us it’s not going to go quite as planned! In the trailer, Iris explains the plan of action – they’re going to disguise Linda as Dr. Light and use her to draw Zoom out. While most of the team appear to be behind the plan, Barry seems to have some objections:


“It’s too dangerous.” Will this episode push Barry and Patty closer together? Or will it turn Barry and Iris’s relationship on its head as they get torn apart when the plan inevitably takes a turn for the worse? Or perhaps Earth-1 Linda Park will take on the mantle of Dr. Light? Indeed, the trailer ends on a foreboding note, with Barry’s motionless body lying on the floor, beaten and battered.


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