Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Chaos Theory


That’s right, Dr. Garner’s Inhuman killing spree certainly came to an abrupt end.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m over the moon that the series is no longer dragging out storylines. However, I honestly expected this particular mystery to last until midseason. Does Dr. Garner go quietly into stasis or will Melinda somehow intervene? Is it possible we haven’t seen the last of Lash?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 7 struck a terrific balance between the Inhuman action and those quieter moments between Fitz/Simmons, Bobbi/Hunter and Melinda/Andrew, as well. The writers are on a roll!

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Once we learned Lash’s identity, the logical question was how did this happen to Andrew? I was thrilled with the connection between Dr. Garner and Jiaying’s booby-trapped documents. Of course some little fish oil pill wasn’t responsible, that would’ve been pretty lame.

The fact Coulson himself sent Andrew the Afterlife documents (including an Inhuman directory) meant the good doctor would inevitably be found out. The whole thing came together quite nicely. Again, I didn’t expect it to happen at the end of this episode though.

Watching Andrew walk with Coulson and Daisy was unsettling, but everything he said made sense. Daisy is definitely a unique case, there’s no arguing that. Andrew clearly had some control of the beast, though I was fooled when he ripped Joey’s chest open in that first meeting. Did the writers get you too?

Teaming Up With the ATCU
Teaming Up With the ATCU

Coulson meeting with the President and the mention of the global community coming together to discuss enhanced people will totally play into Captain America: Civil War. Now I’m wondering if Gideon Malick will bridge the TV series and the film.

Coulson insisting Daisy win Rosalind over to her side was smart.

Andrew: Could be a real start toward legitimizing S.H.I.E.L.D. But it might help if you can present a successful Inhuman case. One that’s not an extreme on either side.
Daisy: Joey Gutierrez is due for reassessment.
Andrew: I’d be more than happy to check in on him, see how he’s progressing.
Daisy: Couldn’t hurt.

Famous last words Ms. Daisy Johnson. Any time Andrew was in the same room with Joey, I feared for the trainee’s life. Wasn’t it cool that they brought Joey back? I thought he might be a one-off, but revisiting his character helps establish Daisy’s team. Lincoln is in now as well. I can’t wait to meet more enhanced folks.

Agent May looking into Andrew’s flight logs and blood work made perfect sense. I figured she would confront her ex before letting anyone else in on the secret, but she had to have concrete evidence. Wasn’t it ironic that the S.H.I.E.L.D. training facility was named “The Cocoon”?

Joey’s excitement regarding his powers in Andrew’s presence was dangerous. The poor guy just couldn’t say anything right. Luckily May arrived in time to prevent a nasty situation. Well, with Joey ending up with a hole in his chest anyway.

It was wonderful to see Lincoln again, though I didn’t expect him to reach out to Mack.

Lincoln: I went looking for my friends. And those who aren’t missing are dead.
Mack: You’re telling me this, why?
Lincoln: Because you fought by my side against that thing. It eliminates you as a suspect.
Mack: Why would I be a suspect?
Lincoln: Because you’re with S.H.I.E.L.D.
Mack: Okay, I’m not sure I’m following.
Lincoln: Lash is in S.H.I.E.L.D. and with your help I can prove it.

Daisy giving Rosalind a tour of the Zephyr One was tense, but incredibly necessary. I think that conversation gave both women a new respect for one another. Rosalind was absolutely right when she said, “For every Daisy Johnson, there’s a Lash, and it’s ignorant for you to think otherwise.”

Though Daisy is uncomfortable with the whole stasis thing, I’m glad she came to understand it can come in handy.

Which brings me back to Melinda and Andrew’s confrontation. His initial denial was pretty frustrating, even when he heard Melinda mention Von Strucker. Where did he get a night-night gun anyway? I’ve said it before, the pacing is spot on this season. The fact Andrew was taken down rather quickly worked for me. You can’t drag every mystery out the entire season. By the way, the VFX guys totally killed the Lash transformations.

I had a feeling Jemma handing her phone over to Fitz would be emotional. Iain and Elizabeth continue to be absolutely brilliant on this series. They never fail to make my eyes water up. That closing sunrise scene, wowza!

Simmons: Do you remember when we first met? I do. You were so quiet and pasty. So incredibly smart. Handsome. Quite a strange feeling, isn’t it? Never wanting to be without someone. You must’ve been so annoyed me following you around all the time.
Fitz: No. Never.

This was the first time I felt Jemma’s love for Fitz, and her confession gave me hope for them romantically. Of course, Fitz found that clue about the ancient order, and he’s not giving up on finding Will. How complex will this love triangle become if/when they manage to bring the astronaut home?

Ultimately, Lincoln shared what he knew with S.H.I.E.L.D. (plus the ATCU), and everyone realized Andrew was their monster. It was interesting that Lincoln explained Andrew was still in transition; that’s why he could shift back and forth. Good thing Rosalind’s got that stasis, right? Boy, Coulson had Andrew covered from every angle. The takedown was thrilling, and I admit I was worried for Lincoln a second there. Daisy saving Rosalind’s life leaves her indebted to the Inhuman. That favor will be repaid at some point.

It was fitting that Melinda was the person who took Andrew down. Anyone else surprised she shot him not knowing whether or not it would kill him? Rosalind came across genuinely understanding; the stasis was really the only option. While the Coulson/Price hook up was inevitable, I want to believe she’s not working with Hydra. Perhaps she’s not aware who Gideon Malick truly is. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

So, what did you think of “Chaos Theory”? Surprised Lash/Andrew is already out of play? Glad that Lincoln joined the team? Is Rosalind working for Hydra? How close will Ward get to taking down Coulson? You’re up, hit the comments below, and share your thoughts with me. Keep an eye out for our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. round table.


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