The Flash Season 2, Ep. 6 | Aired Nov 10


“Enter Zoom” certainly showcased the frightening power of its titular villain after a few weeks of the foe’s silly plan to send underlings after Barry. For such a fearsome figure, his moves so far have felt more like the necessity of a TV series, not the plan of an actual intelligent villain, but Zoom’s inability to fall for Team Flash’s tricks and his powerful lengthy appearance on Earth-1 indicate he has little interest in messing around.
Zoom appears in Barry’s world because he and Harrison, despite the understandably cautious advice of Barry’s friends, focus on the only solution they find viable. Zoom has to be stopped, and it’s better to do it now than wait around any longer, Barry reasons.
And for that bullheaded thinking, Barry receives a crippling injury.
Zoom doesn’t show up simply for kicks, though. Barry wants to lure Zoom to their world, and he believes Dr. Light will be the perfect bait. And though she escapes (her abilities also apparently include turning invisible, a convenient method of breaking free), she leaves behind her outfit. Luckily, there’s someone else who can wear it, since Dr. Light has an Earth-1 twin.
So the disparate parts of the plan coalesce. Dr. Light tells Barry, before her Invisible Woman stunt, that she was instructed to throw the Flash’s suit emblem through to Earth-2 as proof of his death. Barry still wants to send his emblem through to the other side, forcing Zoom’s hand. Earth-2’s Harrison can develop a speed-dampening serum. And with surprise on their side, the two of them believe the plan will work.


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