‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 9 preview: Return date, and is the Director coming for Liz Keen?


We feel like “ The Blacklist” season 3 left you on about as tremendous a note as they possibly could on Thursday, given that they finally answered the question as to whether or not Liz Keen could evade the FBI forever. The simple answer? She couldn’t. Eventually Ressler caught up to her, but still did not manage to take in Reddington.
Therefore, James Spader’s character is still out there in the wind, and you are going to find out just what he will do to save her on January 7. The show is returning earlier this year, which is a move probably prompted by the fact that they don’t have to wait for the

Super Bowl this time. He knows that the Cabal is going to be coming for her, and while the FBI may think that they have her securely locked away, we’ve learned one thing watching a lot of crime dramas over the years: The FBI is generally pretty terrible at their job.
Given that the winter premiere is entitled “The Director (Pt. 1),” it’s fair to assume that the show is going in a strictly serialized direction to tell this story, at least for a little while. Sound interesting to anyone else? There are many questions to come, especially since there is also the mystery still out there of whether or not the show will write in Megan Boone’s pregnancy. For the time being, we’re willing to bet that the answer here is no.


We’ll be back with some more news on “The Blacklist” throughout the hiatus, so be sure to keep checking back!
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