The Flash Season 2 episode 9 teaser trailer released , the Trickster wishes us a Merry Xmas in Episode 9’s promo


The Trickster returns in the promo for Episode 9 of The Flash Season 2, which promises to give us a haunting Christmas experience we’ll never forget. Check it out below

!Greensleeves is an iconic tune that many of us recognize, and it’s used to great effect in this promo for The Flash Episode 9,”Running to Stand Still”, because it’s never sounded more chilling than this. Afterthe exhilarating events of the crossover earlier this week,The Flash refuses to press down on the brakes as it pushes forward with what looks to be a very exciting mid-season finale.Luke Skywalker has joined the dark side as Mark Hamill returns as the devious Trickster, with the Weather Wizard and Leonard Snart also putting in an appearance to assist him in his latest endeavor.We last saw the Trickster towards the end of Season1 in”Tricksters”, and now that he’s got two more rogues onside the odds don’t look to be in Barry’s favor. Take a glimpse at Episode 9 in the promo below!The trailer goes from cute and Christmas-y to dark and brooding in lessthan as a second, as we cut from a cool looking Flash emblem hanging from a Christmas tree to a conference of villains who want the Flash dead. We’re surprised Mark Hamill got time off from his Star Wars schedule, but pleased nonetheless! Leonard Snart appears to be working with the Trickster and is waiting in Barry’s home, but something tells us here at melty that he’s not beingtotally honest about his intentions with the Trickster and Weather Wizard, and may secretly be on Barry’s side. He’s dueto appear in Legends of Tomorrow soon after all, and the Flash is not a man thatCaptain Cold wants to kill, as we saw inEpisode 3.We’re almost certain that Barry will overcome the Trickster once more, but with next week’s episode being the mid-season finale, it’s bound to have its repercussions.
check out the trailer @


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