Arrow’ Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers: Oliver Queen Takes on HIVE; Will the Star City Hero Lose Someone He Cares For?


“Arrow” season 4, episode 9 teases that Oliver Queen will continue to battle against HIVE but will he lose someone in the process?After the crossover with “The Flash,”
“Arrow” season 4 will be airing its winter finale which could leave viewers in shock. Withthe second half almost over and the flash forward grave scene still looming, fans are wondering whether the midseason finale will finally reveal whose grave Oliver (Stephen Amell) was standing on during the season 4 premiere.It could still be a little too early to reveal which among the series’ characters will die but it is not impossible either that themidseason finale will end in a bang. The synopsis for “Arrow” season 4, episode 9 titled “Dark Waters” mentions that Oliver as the Green Arrow will make a daring move against HIVE afterStar City is attacked.Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) will not take the assault against his organization lightly so as a retaliation, he will be causing chaos at Oliver Queen’s mayoral party. The promotional photos released for “Arrow” season 4 winter finale do not show any signs of a death of someone close to Oliver’s heart.However, the video preview of “Dark Waters” shows that Darhk will be taking Felicity and it seems he will use her to inflict pain on Oliver. One particular scene shows Felicity saying “I love you” to Oliver who is at the other side of a glass wall. Fans are already speculating that this could be the end of Felicity. On theother hand, if viewers are keeping track of interviews from the cast and the production, Felicity cannot die -at least not just yet – since she has not yet known about Oliver’s son, William.According to the producer of “Arrow,” Felicity will find out about Oliver’s secret and this will cause their relationship to fallapart. Episode 9 is too short for all of these things to happen so Felicity’s death is highly unlikely. What will Damien do to Felicity then?Catch “Arrow” season 4, episode 9 on CW on Dec. 9, Wednesday at 8PM ET.


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