‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 3 Winds Up Fall Finale with a Huge Cliffhanger as Fate of Abbie Hangs in the Balance!


It seems like Season 3 of the American supernatural drama TV series “Sleepy Hollow” on Fox beat nearly most shows to the customary long winter hiatus as it aired its fall finale episode on November 19.
Titled “Novus Ordo Seclurum” which is Latin for ‘Witness of the Apocalypse’ is the eighth and fall finale episode of “Sleepy Hollow.”
Episode 9 of the TV series would return to Fox on February 5, 2016, after completing its two-month-and-a-half winter break.
The episode ended with the biggest cliffhanger of Season 3 as Ichabod Crane, played by Tom Mison, was left to wonder towards the end whether Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, was alive or dead. Abbie carried the glowing orb and attempted to put it in the trunk of Pandora’s evil tree before it exploded.
Taking the fight to Pandora
Towards the concluding part of
episode 8, Abbie, Ichabod, and Joe Corbin, played by Zach Appelman, took the fight to Pandora, played by Shannyn Sossamon, as they stormed her lair to rescue Abbie’s sister Jenny, played by Lyndie Greenwood, details TV Line.
Apparently, Pandora kidnapped Jenny to make her a powerful asset to the evil forces because of her newfound energy from the mystical gem she absorbed several episodes back.
Obviously, Pandora and her resurrected lover, a god she calls as The Hidden One, are not concerned at all about the life of Jenny because they are just after the mystical gem and the energy she exudes, notes TV Guide.
Abbie succeeded in sucking all the energy out of Jenny’s body, but the volatility of the power threatened to blow the entire Sleepy Hollow off the map.
After realizing what she needed to do, Abbie told Ichabod and her sister Jenny to take care of each other before carrying the glowing orb to an opening in Pandora’s evil tree. Then suddenly, came the explosion of the glowing orb.
Following the explosion, Ichabod realized that Jenny had survived the ordeal, but Abbie might not be as lucky. Her body was nowhere to be found. The episode closed on Ichabod, emotionally gutted and nearly collapsing from the shock of what had happened.
It was almost certain that it was not only Ichabod Crane who got the shock of his life after the explosion but most of the viewers of the TV series, who have rooted for the ‘Ichabbie’ romantic pairing since the series started airing.
A big heartbreaker
It would really be a big heartbreaker for fans of the TV series if showrunner Clifton Campbell writes off the character of Abbie Mills because it would not be good for the show.
Apparently, the show is just putting a question mark by leaving Abbie’s fate hanging in the balance so that viewers would have something big to look forward to when “Sleepy Hollow” resumes after its customary winter break.
The disappearance of Abbie towards the end also came at an awfully ill-timed moment because Ichabod and Joe just had some meaty conversation earlier in the fall finale episode about people being in love.


Ichabod told Joe that he and Abbie have fallen in love. He went on to say that everyone has fallen in love at some point in their life and people do some stupid things sometimes for that very important person who is also a very important touchstone part of their life.
So Campbell would not be ruthless enough to put an end to the ‘Ichabbie’ love story just like that. If any, he should have learned from the lesson of another popular TV series “Castle” where the showrunners decided to split the lead couple momentarily and got the backlash of fans and suffered from ratings decline.
Knowing the strength of the show is one thing, and making that strength work for the TV series is another thing.


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