Top five best characters on TV right now

Today’s era often called the golden age of TV and, while I don’t watch every series out there, I still have lots of time to watch many shows. The most important part for me are always the characters and how I can relate to them. So I decided to make a list of my top 5 favorite TV characters, count down what appeals the most to me and how they achieve to get me engaged. Shall we begin?

5. Captain Ray Holt – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best comedy shows on air right now and that has much to do with the great characters. Be it childish Jake (Andy Samberg), overachiever Amy (Melissa Fumero) or Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz), the cop with anger issues. But for me the star of the series is Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher). Not only is he through his minority traits (he is black and gay) very inventive, but he also doesn’t rely on the common cliches. Instead he delivers laughs through his straightforward persona and the father-like relationship with his co-workers. A truly great character.
4. Dean Winchester – Supernatural
The next one on the list is the longest serving character on TV right now. Dean (Jensen Ackles), the older Winchester brother, has been gone through a lot. He literally went through hell, became a demon and lots of other crazy stuff happened to him, but he never lost his swag and still would always die for his brother. The emotional depth to his character is unmatched, in my opinion.
3. Tyrion Lannister – Game Of Thrones
You all knew a Game Of Thrones character would be on here, didn’t you? I know Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) isn’t a bold choice, but certainly a good one. The dwarf Lannister is such a complex character that you never come to truly understand him or his motives. He is the personification of a grey character, not truly good nor evil, but he certainly is one of the better guys in this world. And you gotta love his wit.
2. Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones
The newest character on this list caused quite the stir amongst TV fans. Jessica Jones is the female superhero that WILL start a flood of other female stars in The MCU, because Melissa Rosenberg and Co. crushed it. The main heroine is a damaged, snarky and clever woman, fully grown and without the usual cliches. Jessica is distanced towards people and yet she always ends up saving them. Her character fits perfectly into the more adult world of Netflix and I hope to see a second season soon.
1. Cisco Ramone – The Flash
Cisco Ramone (Carlos Valdes) is the unsung star and my absolute favorite on
The Flash. When the series started, he mostly served as the comic relief and kinda was the male version of Arrow‘s Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). And yet he aspired to become my favorite character on TV right now. Most of the time he makes me smile and often even laugh out loud, while there’s still more is a supporting character so there’s not much to flesh him out, but when the writers do, they do it perfectly and give him more dimensions than I expected. And he is the scientific genius you need on a superhero show like this.
That’s it. Do you agree with my list? Or would you have chosen different? Hit the comments and chime in your thoughts.


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