‘Limitless’ Season 1 Episode 12 Spoilers: Winter Finale Delivered Strong Ratings


Last Tuesday night was the winter finale of “Limitless,” and the episode certainly delivered. “Limitless” remained strong in ratings, despite taking a long break during Thanksgiving, and even won the ratings game among other Tuesday prime time shows.

According to TV Line, the CBS comedy crime drama got a 1.3 rating and 6.6 million total viewership score in its 11th season episode 1, which is titled “This Is Your Brian on Drugs.” The website also mentioned that “Limitless” held its steady ratings throughout the night, compared to NBC’s reality show “The Voice,” which took a dip in ratings from its last finale night.
According to Zap2It , fans love the show so much as it is considered as a “watered-down version” of “Chuck,” which got canceled last 2012. Viewers enjoy how Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) gets to solve crimes to help Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter), in his comical way — unlikely for any crime drama nowadays — which makes it stand out.
It is also worth mentioning that “Limitless” season 1 episode 11 had a strong plot, and focused more on the other characters of the show, despite naming the episode to Brian. Viewers saw Casey Rooks (Desmond Harrington) got high (with NZT) and low (when he unfortunately died), and IGN described the episode as haste, but powerful.
The website also said that the winter finale ended with a lot to think about for fans, especially after Agent Spelman Boyle (Hill Harper) found a loose NZT pill below his desk at the CJC office. Viewers wonder if he’ll use it himself and do something to help his mother, even after seeing the effects on Casey and his cohorts, or turn over the NZT pill.
No plot details have been released yet for the upcoming “Limitless” episode 12; however,
Hollywood Hills confirmed that the show will return this Jan. 5, 2016 on CBS.


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