‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 12 Spoilers: EP Hints That There May Be More Terrorists Behind the New York City Bombings


Viewers are getting more and more anxious to figure out the mystery behind the New York City bombings in ABC’s “Quantico.” Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett) was revealed to be one of the terrorists, but the mystery still continues in the upcoming midseason premiere of the show.

Some fans are speculating that it is Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers), since he was seen at the bank, which also served as the FBI headquarters during the Grand Central Terminal Bombing and later the site of the second bomb, playing his alter ego, Mark Raymond.
TV Line was able to chat with the show’s creator and executive producer, Josh Safran, and the EP teased fans on who else might be among the terrorists, besides Elias. “I cannot answer that, but of course, it is an interesting development that the bank that Mark Raymond is depositing his money in is the same bank that would come to be the emergency command center at a later date,” Safran said.
During his interview, Safran also mentioned that what happened to Miranda’s (Aunjanue Ellis) son, Charlie (J. Mallory McCree), will be told by himself in episode 12 next year. However, the executive producer said that it might not be safe for him to tell what really transpired. Fans are curious to know whether what happened to Charlie is related to any of the New York City bombings.
In another interview with
Entertainment Weekly , Safran was asked on how the show will continue in the second part of the season. “All I can say is that the discussion in the future [timeline] about whether Elias is telling the truth, whether Elias acted alone, forms a major portion of what’s coming, and I think on top of that, there is the idea of how Alex and Simon, especially, handle what just happened. Because while Alex told Simon he could take his hands off that trigger, none of them expected to have what happened to have happened. So that’s going to impact them in a very powerful way,” he said.
“Quantico” will be back on March 6, 2016 on ABC.
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