Arrow Season 4: Episode 13 (Sins Of The Father) extended promo , will Laurel betray Ollie?


It’s the beginning of the end in Arrow Season 4: Episode 13! With Thea’s life hanging in the balance, Oliver is going to have to take drastic action to save her. But will this divide the team?
Katie Cassidy recently said that she thinks Laurel in “inspired” by Felicity in Arrow Season 4 , and it’s easy to see why. Despite everything Felicity has been through, she’s firmly remained on the side of good, and puts the lives of others before her own. It comes an no surprise then that when Nyssa approached Oliver at the end of Arrow Season 4: Episode 12 with the proposal that he kill Malcolm Merlyn in exchange for the ‘lotus’ that will save Thea, Laurel will likely be against Malcolm’s murder, even if he is a mass murderer himself. Things may change in “Sins of the Father” however, as Nyssa and Laurel share a close bond over their relationship with Sara. We’re in for an action packed episode, and the only question left is does the father refer to Felicity’s dad (a.k.a. The Calculator), Thea’s father Merlyn, or to Nyssa’s father, the dead Ra’s al Ghul? Check out the promo below!
Check out the promo for Arrow Season 4: Episode 13 here

Does Laurel side with Nyssa against Oliver, Malcolm and Diggle? It’s certainly a turn of events we wouldn’t have expected! If you pause at about 11 seconds in, you’ll see Malcolm and Nyssa face off against each other in a chamber, backed by their supporters on each side. On Malcolm’s side stands Ollie and Diggle, while Laurel stands among Nyssa’s supporters. Is she being held there to blackmail Ollie to bring Malcolm in? Or is she only pretending to side with Nyssa? Alternatively, we may have to accept that she’s genuinely siding with Nyssa against Oliver. Nyssa tells Laurel:
“The streets of your home will run red with the blood of our enemies”, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Laurel joined her to save the lives of innocents. While Ollie and Malcolm come to blows at the end of the trailer, we have a feeling that it’s just an act, and that they’ll somehow fake Malcolm’s death to save Thea. For regular updates on Arrow, click the subscribe button below.


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