The Flash Season 2 Episode 16 updates


Do you love “ The Flash“? Trust us when we saw that we’re right there with you. This show has done a really effective job nailing that comic-book tone while also being perfectly emotional and funny for television. It is one of the few superhero series that really delivers almost everything that we want every time that it airs a new episode.
Unfortunately, here’s the bad news: There’s no new episode this week. The same goes for next week, and the week after that. The next time you’re going to get a new episode is on March 22 with “Trajectory,” an hour that seems mostly interested in how it marks the first chance we’ve had to see a female speedster on the show. (Hence, the episode’s title.)

This could be the episode that makes Central City start to turn on their hero, at least temporarily if they think that he is the one responsible for running around through the town and stirring up trouble.
What we can also tell you now is the title for the upcoming March 29 episode: “Flash Back.” Of course, we immediately start to think about time travel when we hear something like this, but is that something the show really wants to explore right now? “Legends of Tomorrow” is already doing so much in that realm that we’re hesitant to really encourage the show to dive too heavily into that, as well. After all, there’s already a lot of that going on.
As soon as we have more on the future of “The Flash,” we’ll have it for you here.
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