The Physics of the Flash . Most Read


  The Flash is an iconic character in the DC world; he goes with the slogan ‘The Fastest Man Alive’, not only is he the fastest man, he’s also one of the most talked about comic book superhero.
  At some point in our lives, we’ve all pretended we could mimic the Flash and run at super speeds or defy gravity like a god. However, some of these fetish and childhood magic started deteriorating when we started learning a thing called Physics and understood how the universe works and all our dreams of walking on the clouds is terminated. Then we eventually find out that the real world is totally different from the comic book, but does that take all the enjoyment and belief of such fictional stories away. The most interesting bits ’bout comic book is trying to figure out how they would work in the real sense. If you are a regular viewer of the CW Flash, you’ll find out that it’s most likely impossible for a person’s body to withstand running that fast.

  Bearing all this in mind. The Flash could be analysed by a couple of assumptions.
  Firstly, his body can exert the force necessary to move very fast and also withstand forces of this magnitude. Secondly he can sense things very fast and processes both internal and external stimuli just as fast as he moves.
  Now, if something is moving through the air at such velocity, it experiences an opposite or drag force which tend to reduce its motion and which is directly proportional to the increment in velocity.
  Also, the concept of friction also is an implication of moving object travelling at such speed on earth, it experiences friction and so the temperature increases. We all know that meteors burn up rather quickly once entering our atmosphere. This is because they are traveling at very fast speed and are faced with extremely high temperatures, as a result of friction. All these doesn’t affect Barry, co’s the effects is wielded by his Spandex/Latex costume.
  Now, let’s discuss the logistics of his job, he saves people from accident, robbery etc. and takes them to a safer place but that’s not actually possible in real life, co’s our body is not completely solid, the fluid embedded in our body would slap vigorously away from the direction if motion, our brain may be smashed to the skull at the rear.

  If we also assume that the hero brain, nerves, and perception moves faster, he would be living in a world of statues (co’s everything would become almost still), and his entire life time of 100 years would seem like 200,000 years, or seem like 100 years but just end in 18days of our time. Even if he only uses his speed sometimes, at such times 1sec would be like 2,000 sec for him and running round the city seems like 1/2 an hour.

  The most important implication of being able to move at light speed is that he’ll be literally the strongest superhero, because the increased acceleration increases the force and thereby increasing the mass, so if the Flash were to give a punch at such speed, the effect would be enormous.

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Orphan Black Season 4 Premiere review + HD quality Download

Episode Name: ‘The Collapse of Nature’: A Return to the Past


Ever since viewers met Beth Childs in the “Orphan Black” premiere, there has been tons of speculation about what led her to the point of jumping in front of an oncoming train and ending her own life. After chasing stories around the globe and introducing male clones in the form of Castor in season three, the series finally returned to its roots in the season four opener by giving everyone a Beth-centric episode that began to answer some questions while opening the door for many more to come.
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Arrow 11:59 full review. Who’s Dead? Grave tidings for a hero.


Arrow certainly shook things up on tonight ’s episode, “ Eleven -Fifty -Nine ” , with the death of a major character and the reveal that a minor one has been up to no good for some time . The death we saw coming since Season 4 opened with an end -of- premiere stinger scene that showed Oliver grieving over a fresh grave ; the identity of the person in the grave , however , was a matter of discussion . Heck , the mystery even gave rise to a poll about who just might be in the grave , one which had wildly different results than who the showrunners would ultimately kill off .
Yes , on tonight ’s episode, a member of Team Arrow passed away in a rather violent way , though not before getting a chance to have a few last words at the hospital bedside. While the loss of this character and actor will have unforeseen repercussions going forward with the rest of Season 4 , one thing is certain : Damien Darhk ’s days are numbered . Let’s get into it .
To understand some of the events of tonight ’s episode, we ’ll have to pay a brief visit to the flashback sequence on Lian Yu . Remember that Oliver and Taiana were attempting to escape Reiter ’s clutches in the caves while also hoping to liberate the remaining prisoners before the madman could execute them. And remember that their sacrifices were meant to be done in tribute to an idol that would give Reiter phenomenal power . Instead , Oliver and Taiana turned their guns on the mercenaries themselves , then used some convenient C 4 charges to collapse the cave with Reiter inside . There were two interesting things of note in these scenes : the first is that Reiter himself powered up just before the cave- in , so he might very well be alive ; the second is that Taiana made Oliver promise to go to see her parents in Russia to tell them about her and her brother Vlad if she didn ’ t make it out alive . (Could we be going to Russia during the flashback sequences of Season 5 ?) Oliver then showed Taiana an old picture of Laurel , to whom Taiana promised to deliver a message should Oliver die on the island . It remains to be seen just who , beyond Oliver , ever escapes Lian Yu.
Reading between the lines , however , it ’s easy to see that this would be Laurel Lance ’s , and by extension Katie Cassidy ’ s last episode. Flashback Oliver showing a soft spot for his ex- girlfriend coupled with the fact that Laurel was gearing up for one last go -round as the Black Canary before hanging up the mask to become newly elected Mayor Ruvé Adams ’ District Attorney … you just saw the writing on the wall . The manner in which her death would play out was rather mishandled, which is actually a testament to how the writers have struggled with the character of Laurel Lance since Season 1 .
Equally telegraphed in this episode was the eventual betrayal of a relatively minor character on Arrow , that of John Diggle’s brother Andy ( Eugene Byrd ). Viewers saw Andy speaking with Malcolm Merlyn in a previous episode, apparently caught between the reigning Ra ’s al Ghul and Damien Darhk himself. While Andy ’s behavior and dialogue in this episode was just ambiguous enough to keep viewers guessing as to where his allegiance actually fell , Oliver ’s mistrust proved out over John ’s brotherly loyalty . And the cost of Andy ’s betrayal amounted to more that the restoration of Darhk to power ; it ultimately cost Laurel Lance her life .
This entire episode revolved around the powerful idol that turns blood sacrifice into ultimate power for whoever prays to it . Oliver , who had seen that same idol wield deadly force on Lian Yu, decided to piece it all back together and store it in his lair –which Malcolm Merlyn , Magician and Master of the Shadows , had easy access to…– with one important exception : a certain stone that would complete the idol and allow it to grant its power . Only two people knew the location of this stone : Oliver and John Diggle… until John blabbed to Andy that he had hidden it to keep it safely away from Darhk . Oliver is convinced that Andy is playing his brother , but Little Diggle’s duplicitous nature gave the rest of the team pause and forced John ’s hand against his longtime friend and partner in favor of siding with his brother .
In the end , Oliver was right . Andy handed the stone over to Darhk during a prisoner break -out at Iron Heights , giving the devious magician the upper hand and a new team of soldiers to boot . With a parting shot , Darhk made good on his promise to Quentin Lance , that he would kill his daughter should the former Captain ever betray him . Darhk stabbed Laurel ( nearly ) to death , but unwisely let the rest of Team Arrow live , for some reason . And while Green Arrow (still in costume ) carried Black Canary ( still in costume ) to the hospital instead of the Arrow cave for the first time pretty much ever , I’m happy to ignore the fact that the trauma team didn ’t seem to notice that Star City ’s A . D .A . had been masquerading as the Black Canary . ( Damien Darhk now knows Team Arrow ’ s identities , so it follows that all of Star City might know them soon , as well .) The more important part was what happened next .
Rather than dying in the heat of battle , an event that would have really hit home how dangerous and unpredictable their vigilante lifestyle really is , Laurel got a chance to say goodbye to her friends and have a heart-to -heart with Oliver . (Not with her father, mother , nor sister , however …) While Laurel was happy that Oliver found Felicity and hoped that he’ d find his way back to her , Laurel then admitted that he was the love of her life , even if the reverse wasn’ t true . The curious bit of dialogue here was when Laurel asked Oliver to promise her something , but whatever that was isn’ t heard as she told it to him off- screen. Then , in typical soap opera fashion , Laurel had a seizure , flatlined, and was pronounced dead at 11 : 59 . (This was a tough scene to watch , but Quentin’s wordless reaction was even tougher . )
I don ’t think the writing team ever truly had a handle on Laurel Lance . She ’s gone from jilted girlfriend , to drunken mess , to vigilante -in – training , only to finally emerge as a confident fighter ( and lawyer) in this fourth season . And then they kill her off without any rhyme or reason . Perhaps her death is just another chink in the armor of Team Arrow which , in Oliver ’ s own words , is already falling apart. Perhaps it was meant to remove any potential love triangles involving Oliver and Felicity . Or maybe it ’s just because the writers couldn ’t find anything useful for her to do anymore , but also chose not to shift her character to another show . Whatever the reason , she’ s gone.
And so passes Laurel Lance/ Black Canary from Earth -1 . Team Arrow is sure as Hell going to take their vengeance out on Andy Diggle, Malcolm Merlyn, and Damien Darhk when the season returns later this month , but one wonders just how far they ’ ll take things . There ’s an opportunity here to go really dark . For example , Thea had Malcolm – arguably the baddest of the bads on this series – pinned beneath her blades, but hesitated . There’ s room in the script here for Team Arrow to go truly vigilante , like Punisher -level , but I don ’ t see The CW going there . Andy Diggle, Malcolm Merlyn, and especially Damien Darhk deserve death if only to prevent an exponentially increasing amount of bloodshed with the innocents of Star City paying the price . The question isn ’t whether or not Team Arrow could do the deed , it ’s whether or not the writing staff will let them

“Quantico” aired a fast-paced episode 16 in which Hannah Wyland joined forces with Simon Asher and Alex Parrish to take down the terrorist (which they also call The Voice). While Hannah successfully thwarted The Voice’s plan, it led to her suspension from the FBI. Nevertheless, Simon and Alex found a clue: The Voice broke into the laboratory in Columbia, which was directly below theatre in which Claire was going to give a speech.

According to the latter, this is their first real clue.
Back at Quantico, the NATs were assigned an unwinnable mission: Take down terrorists hijacking a plane. The task resonated deeply with Shelby Wyatt who recently found out that
her parents are alive and did not die on September 11, 2001.
The hour was filled with several shocking moments. Below are some of the best moments from “Quantico” season 1, episode 16 titled “Clue”:

1. Hannah fires a gun … and gets arrested
Hannah and Alex had to act fast when they found out that the Senator had suddenly changed her campaign plans. They realized The Voice’s window of opportunity shrunk so whatever he/she/they planned, would happen tonight.
Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop him/her/them. When the power went out and Hannah realized that Claire could be assassinated easily, she stepped up and fired a shot. Sadly, she got suspended for her move. We’ll miss Hannah’s cool monologues and her tough-as-nails persona.

2. Will volunteers to help Caleb (and his dad) on their mission
At first, it seemed like Caleb Haas’ Mark Raymond person was created in order to take down a cult named Systemics. Now we know that his real plan is to rescue his best friend Ross Edwards who is trapped inside the cult.
Will informs Caleb that Danny is now the head of the cult, and since Danny knows Caleb (the real Caleb), he can’t rescue his friend. Fortunately, Will is willing to help and volunteers to rescue him. Even shocking to know was that Caleb’s dad Clayton Haas is working with him to rescue his friend.

3. Ryan Booth is going to be Alex’s teacher!
However, the most shocking part of “Quantico” was revealed towards the end: Alex’s new teacher is her ex Ryan. After Miranda lost her son Charlie, she decided to leave the FBI Academy. That left the spot open for another agent to fill. Liam asks Ryan to fill her shoes and we’re pretty sure he’ll take it!
“Quantico” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

Shadow Hunters- Morning Star Recap


Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 13 was filled with heartbreaking, heartwarming, and heart stopping moments, but the biggest moment of all was when Jace jumped to the darkside with daddy Valentine, who finally showed us what a Big Bad he truly is.
Valentine has certainly gathered himself quite the army. That was a huge cargo ship and it was filled to capacity! The shadowhunters better get ready, because there is a major battle looming. Continue reading “Shadow Hunters- Morning Star Recap”

Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E15 Recap….Must Read!!!


The episode opens with a man named Charles, apparently homeless, carving a wood robin in an alley behind a grocery store. The owner of the store goes into the. Charles offers to help out around the store however he can, but the owner just wants Charles to clear out before the sun comes out, and points him towards a shelter and offers some money. When the owner touches Charles’ had, the man seems to become possessed, and begins calling for Daisy Johnson’s help, saying their running out of time and that this is where he dies.

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New Marvel Boom Series this Summer and after , Watch Out !!!

In the TVworld this summer and after has been packed with series of new thrilling and suspense-filled heroic series, which both Marvel and DC in collaboration with networks such as ABC, Netflix and so on have decided to bring to the screen. These are the series which fans have always longed for. They are series which their Comic Books and Animations as always captivated the eyes of TVCritics. After researching for long I finally got what the expecting audience have been waiting for.
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