‘Quantico’ ABC TV Show: Top 3 Shocking Moments In Season 1, Episode 16 ‘Clue’ [RECAP]


“Quantico” aired a fast-paced episode 16 in which Hannah Wyland joined forces with Simon Asher and Alex Parrish to take down the terrorist (which they also call The Voice). While Hannah successfully thwarted The Voice’s plan, it led to her suspension from the FBI. Nevertheless, Simon and Alex found a clue: The Voice broke into the laboratory in Columbia, which was directly below theatre in which Claire was going to give a speech.

According to the latter, this is their first real clue.
Back at Quantico, the NATs were assigned an unwinnable mission: Take down terrorists hijacking a plane. The task resonated deeply with Shelby Wyatt who recently found out that
her parents are alive and did not die on September 11, 2001.
The hour was filled with several shocking moments. Below are some of the best moments from “Quantico” season 1, episode 16 titled “Clue”:

1. Hannah fires a gun … and gets arrested
Hannah and Alex had to act fast when they found out that the Senator had suddenly changed her campaign plans. They realized The Voice’s window of opportunity shrunk so whatever he/she/they planned, would happen tonight.
Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop him/her/them. When the power went out and Hannah realized that Claire could be assassinated easily, she stepped up and fired a shot. Sadly, she got suspended for her move. We’ll miss Hannah’s cool monologues and her tough-as-nails persona.

2. Will volunteers to help Caleb (and his dad) on their mission
At first, it seemed like Caleb Haas’ Mark Raymond person was created in order to take down a cult named Systemics. Now we know that his real plan is to rescue his best friend Ross Edwards who is trapped inside the cult.
Will informs Caleb that Danny is now the head of the cult, and since Danny knows Caleb (the real Caleb), he can’t rescue his friend. Fortunately, Will is willing to help and volunteers to rescue him. Even shocking to know was that Caleb’s dad Clayton Haas is working with him to rescue his friend.

3. Ryan Booth is going to be Alex’s teacher!
However, the most shocking part of “Quantico” was revealed towards the end: Alex’s new teacher is her ex Ryan. After Miranda lost her son Charlie, she decided to leave the FBI Academy. That left the spot open for another agent to fill. Liam asks Ryan to fill her shoes and we’re pretty sure he’ll take it!
“Quantico” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.


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