The Physics of the Flash . Most Read



  The Flash is an iconic character in the DC world; he goes with the slogan ‘The Fastest Man Alive’, not only is he the fastest man, he’s also one of the most talked about comic book superhero.
  At some point in our lives, we’ve all pretended we could mimic the Flash and run at super speeds or defy gravity like a god. However, some of these fetish and childhood magic started deteriorating when we started learning a thing called Physics and understood how the universe works and all our dreams of walking on the clouds is terminated. Then we eventually find out that the real world is totally different from the comic book, but does that take all the enjoyment and belief of such fictional stories away. The most interesting bits ’bout comic book is trying to figure out how they would work in the real sense. If you are a regular viewer of the CW Flash, you’ll find out that it’s most likely impossible for a person’s body to withstand running that fast.

  Bearing all this in mind. The Flash could be analysed by a couple of assumptions.
  Firstly, his body can exert the force necessary to move very fast and also withstand forces of this magnitude. Secondly he can sense things very fast and processes both internal and external stimuli just as fast as he moves.
  Now, if something is moving through the air at such velocity, it experiences an opposite or drag force which tend to reduce its motion and which is directly proportional to the increment in velocity.
  Also, the concept of friction also is an implication of moving object travelling at such speed on earth, it experiences friction and so the temperature increases. We all know that meteors burn up rather quickly once entering our atmosphere. This is because they are traveling at very fast speed and are faced with extremely high temperatures, as a result of friction. All these doesn’t affect Barry, co’s the effects is wielded by his Spandex/Latex costume.
  Now, let’s discuss the logistics of his job, he saves people from accident, robbery etc. and takes them to a safer place but that’s not actually possible in real life, co’s our body is not completely solid, the fluid embedded in our body would slap vigorously away from the direction if motion, our brain may be smashed to the skull at the rear.

  If we also assume that the hero brain, nerves, and perception moves faster, he would be living in a world of statues (co’s everything would become almost still), and his entire life time of 100 years would seem like 200,000 years, or seem like 100 years but just end in 18days of our time. Even if he only uses his speed sometimes, at such times 1sec would be like 2,000 sec for him and running round the city seems like 1/2 an hour.

  The most important implication of being able to move at light speed is that he’ll be literally the strongest superhero, because the increased acceleration increases the force and thereby increasing the mass, so if the Flash were to give a punch at such speed, the effect would be enormous.

Coming Soon:
What the Stars of Arrow up to before starring on Arrow. (Stay Updated )


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